The makeup and foundation is one of those which talked highly about topics among transgender women. We therefore want to discuss this subject, in our Trans Make-up  article, and if you choose a good foundation for your make-up rule, please give us some helpful information.

Let's face it, forgive the pun, a good foundation for transgender women is also more important in creating a unique face because our skin and facial flaws can be more complex than natural-born women.

How can a good foundation helps to achieve a beautiful look?

The first time you use them, the benefits of using a good makeup base and foundation are very clear. You will find that they are easy to apply to skin, stay in hot days, cover areas of black face, wrinkles, and will provide an innocent appearance without 'uninterrupted' form without overall skin coverage.

When you apply your foundation, you can squeeze a small amount on top of your hand and then apply it on your face using the good face foundation brush. Alternatively, with the foundation of the creme  base like my current favorite, the Cronon Dermacolor Camouflage Cram can apply it to the face with your fingers and then use a brush or beauty blender sponge to mix a smooth coverage gives

Makeup Tips: You should consider using a good primer under your foundation as this will give it more power even in the summer of the day.

So, you are probably wondering if the foundation should try to achieve the presence of that flawless Appearance , below is a list of my 4 personal favorite products, I always keep in two makeup bags. Amazon has a link with the following products so that you can buy them, if you want to.

Dermablend Cover creme Full Coverage Foundation Makeup


Dermablend is a brand that knows and respect many transgender and cross-dresser girls. This full coverage foundation is easy to apply and includes dark facial features including beard shadow. It is basically for people with birth marks and acne, I love this foundation because it gives a great glow to the skin and it lasts for the most days.

Kryolan DermaColor Camouflage creme


Kryolan Cream Foundation is again a full coverage cream which goes to skin without the 'cuckoo' look. Kryloan Scream is a premium cosmetic product, they are at a very low cost, which is not an exception, it is my favorite foundation because of this application It's easy and gives you amazing and innocent looks, I use this foundation every day.

NYX Cosmetics Invincible Fullest Coverage Foundation


The NYX Invincible Complete Coverage Foundation offers amazing coverage with a long-lasting, natural-looking finish. The final look is soft, matte, beautiful and innocent This foundation will cover the flaws of any dark face and girls are great for staying power, the NYX invisible is a great foundation and you should try it in your makeup rule.

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer


I'm actually like the Mac Pro Range and this concealer has been used with great success for almost 5 years now, this is a hide but I use it the same way I like any other foundation With good makeup brushes) You either love or hate Mac products, although you do yourself an injustice if you do not give at least one try to the pro LONGOVER PERSONER / FOUNDATION.

Your makeup moment should be pleasant, please have fun and always look good.

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